Sustainable Living Ideas

 “Sustainability is an attempt to provide the best outcomes for human and natural environments for both now and the indefinite future. It relates to the connection of economic, social, institutional and environmental aspects of human society, as well as the non-human environment”.

“It is intended to be a means of balancing civilization and human activity so that society, its members and its economies are able to meet their needs and express their greatest potential today, while preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems, and planning and acting for the ability to maintain these ideals in a very long term. Sustainability affects every level of organization, from the local family to the entire planet. We must all strive to live a sustainable lifestyle. From biodeisel to recycling, solar to wind energy; this is a sustainable living resource meant to help us all learn to do this”.

Green buildings, like net zero energy buildings and net zero energy houses”are an environmentally-friendly way of designing, constructing, and operating homes and buildings that increases a building’s performance, minimize environmental impact on our natural resources, and maximize the experience for people who work, live and play in these homes and commercial buildings.

Sustainable Living Real Estate, Colorado going GREEN MEANS, using renewable energy, recycling, buying energy saving appliances, recycling computers and cell phones, using rechargeable batteries, supporting local farmers and ranchers by purchasing their food directly at farmers markets or in CSA co-ops, nourishing your family’s body and mind with natural foods, and reducing our use of water and electricity are habits we can integrate into our lives and they truly will make a positive difference in the world – especially if many of us do it.  Sustainable Living Real Estate has identified homes FOR SALE that currently meet SUSTAINABLE LIVING requirements.  We are also developing communities based on these principals, as well as provoding the most current expertise in “NET ZERO CONSTRUCTION”.

A huge part of living sustainably is buying products made locally. That fruit at the grocery store may be organic, but if it came 3,000 miles to arrive at your table the benefits of organic farming are negated by the carbon produced in shipping. Buy produce locally, and look for goods manufactured in your home country. The less the product has to travel, the more eco-friendly it is. We are extremely fortumate here in Larimer County, Colorado with it’s abundance of local farms, ranches and of course… WHOLE FOODS!

Just think of all the possibilities for future subdivisions that could have a private farm on site to provide food for the residents.  Instead of  using the community pool, residents will have the opportunity to work along side agricultural experts to utilize all the benefits of growing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and dairy .   Northern Colorado with its abundance of wind,solar energy and available fertile land is a prime location to further this endevor.



Fort Collins has earned numerous accredidations for the sustainable practices of the city and it’s businesses. Some of the most innovative projects and leading sustainable design initiatives stem from right here in Fort Collins, CO and we want to share those accomplishments with everyone! Discover some of the most innovative designs that have changed the world, find out the businesses that have a focus on sustainable practices, and take a tour of some of Fort Collins’s most sustainable businesses.

 Climate Wise

Through environmental assessments and creative solutions, the City of Fort Collins ClimateWise team helps businesses tackle modern-day business challenges that impact bottom lines and the quality of life in Fort Collins. The goal of the program is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting waste reduction, energy savings, alternative transportation and water conservation. In 2012, participating business partners reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 163,000 metric tons of CO2e per year and saved $14 million!

-Stay at one of Fort Collins’ great hotels like the Marriott or the Hilton who are both members and advocates of Climate Wise!

 Colorado State University

Colorado State University is internationally known for its green initiatives and clean-energy research including alternative fuels, clean engines, photovoltaics, “smart”  grid  technology, water resources, and satellite-based atmospheric monitoring and  tracking systems. It’s also well known for its sustainability efforts on campus and  abroad. Take a walking tour of campus to learn about CSU’s sustainable campus initiatives. Get the map and brochure here.

“CSU achieved the highest score ever reported to Sustainability Tracking,  Assessment & Reporting System, or STARS, a national survey that measures sustainability efforts at universities and colleges across the country” – NCBR

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 Engines and Energy Conversion Lab:

The Engines Lab at CSU has developed technologies to reduce emissions from large industrial engines, worked to define future electric grids, and brought clean energy solutions to the developing world all while developing new leaders in the world of  energy conservation. Visit the Engine’s Lab to find out about all the great work theyre doing and tour the facility.

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Fort Collins offers numerous local craft breweries, which pride themselves in conservation and sustainability for the greater good of the community and the world. Water from the Poudre River is a major draw for breweries to come to Fort Collins and they are taking the initiative to lessen their impact on not only Fort Collins’ water but all resources as a whole. Take a tour of the local breweries and learn about their green practices. Learn more about our local breweries here.

 New Belgium Brewery:

New Belgium Brewery is one of Fort Collins’ most popular brewery stops and they are leaders in sustainable innovation for breweries around the world. Environmental stewardship has been part of the company’s core values & beliefs since the beginning and it is evident not only in the way they make beer but also in the facility they make it in. From water use reduction and recycling programs, to donating used hops to local  farmers, New Belgium is a leader in the Fort Collins sustainable movement. Take a  tour of New Belgium and learn about all their green inititives and their sustainable  facility.

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 Odell Brewing Co:

Sustainability is a part of Odell Brewing Company’s culture & values. As they grow &  improve, they consider sustainability in every activity they undertake, not as their  only priority, but as one to be balanced with other priorities, such as functionality,  safety, aesthetics and cost. From large investments in energy generation to the  small, everyday recycling & composting actions of each co-worker, Odell Brwing Co. works to minimize their impact on the community.

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 Fort Collins Brewery and Gravity 1020: Gravity 1020 is the only full size restaurant inside a production brewery in Fort Collins and they are doing some great things to stay sustainable. Gravity 1020 was named one of seven best Farm-To-Table Movement Restaurants in the world by USA Today! To remain as local to Colorado as possible, twice a year, Gravity 1020 redesigns their menu to cater to the seasonal changes of produce availability and in return minimizes the need to go outside the state lines for their ingredients. Another way Gravity 1020 is striving to be as local as possible is by installing their own rooftop greenhouse which will produce many items that are used in their daily food creations! You cant really get much fresher or much more local than that!


 Platinum Level Bicycle Friendly Community: In 2013, Fort Collins was named as one of the nation’s few Platinum Level Bicycle Friendly Communties by the League of American Bicyclists. The BFC program is transforming the way communities evaluate their quality of life, sustainability and transportation networks, while allowing them to benchmark their progress toward improving their bicycle-friendliness. Come explore our rich bicycling culture today!

Fort Collins Bike Co-op: This Co-op works to keep our community riding, including those who can’t afford to buy a bike while recycling bikes and educating the public on bike safety! The community donates bikes and parts, and the Co-op helps get the bikes running, and then they give the bikes away to a non-profit or for volunteered time.

Fort Collins Bike Library: The Fort Collins Bike Library is a project of Bike Fort Collins,a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting safe and enjoyable cycling in Fort Collins, Colorado. By collaborating with the community, the Bike Library provides an affordable and dependable resource for bicycle sharing and advocacy, promoting a positive cycling culture in Fort Collins.

 MAX and Transfort: Transfort offers safe, reliable transportation throughout Fort Collins making your commuting a breeze. With eighteen routes they provide service to area schools, Colorado State University, Downtown, and many other popular destinations.

Starting in May 2014, Fort Collins will have a new addition to their public transportation fleet called MAX.  MAX is Fort Collins’ first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in the Front Range and will allow travel between North and South Fort Collins in just 20 minutes. This transportation system allows for easier commuting and less use of cars!

 Electric Car Charging Stations: Fort Collins offers the first municipal electric vehicle charging stations available to the general public in Northern Colorado. Charge your car for $1/hour at one of the following stations:

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, 408 Mason Ct.

Civic Center Parking Structure, 144 N. Mason St.

 Green Ride: Get a ride to and from the airport in a sustainble way. Green Ride offers shared rides which drastically reduces Green House Gas emissions and they also use hybrid vehicles and employ sustainble business policies and practices.

 Super Shuttle: Northern Colorado Super Shuttle uses new propane fueled vans to pick people up in town and then transfer passengers on to larger, propane mini-buses at their 3 hubs for the ride to DIA.


  • The 1st CSA Farm in Colorado was started right here in Fort Collins. Learn more>>
  • The City of Fort Collins just gave the CSA association a $30,000 grant to promote local food!
  • Odell Brewing Co.’s Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout is named after the farmer (Lugene) who uses the brewery’s spent grain to feed his dairy cows. During a visit to the brewery, you’ll likely see Lugene’s old, beat-up truck that hauls away the spent grain!
 Magic Bus Tours: Magic Bus Tours offers a wonderful tour of Fort Collins’ Farm-to-Table, agricultural movement where you will visit three local small scale food producers, enjoying tasty samples along the way, hear tales of triumph and defeat that punctuate the lives of our makers and growers, learn about the seasonal rhythms of local food production and enjoy a tasty meal composed of local ingredients gathered along the tour.
Gravity 1020: Gravity 1020’s kitchen is specifically designed to cook to order.  They do not have a walk-in freezer, steam table or microwaves, ensuring that not a single bit of food is made until it is ordered. This means higher quality and better tasting ingredients served on your plate, poured in your glass and raised in your neighborhood.  Their menu is also ever changing to match the local ingredients that are being grown throughout each season. Their new rooftop graden will allow  them to make their plates even fresher and more sustainable.
Tasty Harmony: Tasty Harmony is committed to provide the community with healthy organic plant based cuisine. Most of the food is vegan and most of the desserts are wheat free and sugarcane free. Ingredients are adapted to match what is in season at our local farms.
JAX Fish House: At JAX Fish House the kitchen staff takes a field trip to small Fort Collins farms to become familiar with our farmers, produce, community, and incorporates it in an ever changing seasonal menu. Enjoy local food at JAX Fish House.

60 Reasons to move to Fort Collins, Colorado

  • * Ranked 3rd on the Best Bicycle Cities list: League of American Bicyclists and August 2011
  • * One of the top 15 Best Places for triathletes to live and train:Triathlete Magazine – August 2011
  • * Ranked 5th Best Places for Business and Careers: Forbes – June 2011
  • * Fort Collins, One of the Top 10 Cities Adopting Smart Grid Technology:U.S.News and World Report – May 2011
  • * Top Colorado City for Job Growth, Fort Collins-Loveland: 2011 Best (Cities for Job Growth, – May 2011
  • * Third Happiest Metro Region, Fort Collins-Loveland, CO:Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index – 2011
  • * One of the Top Ten Places to Retire in the Nation: Charles Schwab’s On Investing – Spring 2011
  • * 2011 Governor’s Arts Award: Colorado Creative Industries and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade – March 2011
  • * One of the Top 10 Best American cities to invest your real estate dollars in2011: – December 2010
  • * Named 5th Most Educated City in the country based on education levels of ouradult population: – December 2010
  • * Fourth Best State for Business, Colorado: Forbes magazine – October 2010
  • * One the Top 25 Best Places to Retire: – September 2010
  • * One of the Top 10 Best College Towns: Small-Sized Cities Category, USA Today – September 2010
  • * One of the top six ‘Smarter Cities’ for Energy: Natural Resources Defense Council, (population 100,000-249,999) – August 2010
  • * 6th Best Place to Live in the Nation: Money Magazine – July 2010
  • * One of the Most Underrated Cities in the West: – June 2010One of the Greatest Places to Live in the West: American Cowboy magazine – April 2010
  • * Ranked 4th Best Places for Business and Careers: Forbes – April 2010
  • * One of a Dozen Distinctive Destinations: National Trust for Historic Preservation – February 2010
  • * Ranked 3rd ‘Smarter City’ for sustainability: Natural Resources Defense Council – July 2009 Named one of 10 Great Places for Entrepreneurs to Retire: Forbes – June 2009
  • * Ranked 1st Best Place to Live and Work for Young Professionals (pop.100,000-200,000): Next Generation Consulting – March 2009
  • * Named 2nd Best Metro for Business and Careers: Forbes magazine – March 2009
  • * Ranked 7th Best Midsize Metro in the nation: – March 2009
  • * One of Top 20 Places to Thrive: Best Boomer Towns – February 2009
  • * Ranked 10th Best-Educated City in America: Forbes magazine – November 2008
  • * One of the Best Places to Raise Your Kids: Business Week – November 2008
  • * LEED Gold designation for the Northside Aztlan Community Center; U.S. Green Build Council: October 2008 –
  • * Gold level Bicycle Friendly Community: League of American Bicyclists – September 2008
  • * 2nd Best Place to Live: Money magazine – August 2008
  • * One of 8 Enriching Towns for Art and Music Lovers: Where to Retire magazine – April 2008.
  • * Named 3rd Best Place for Business and Career: Forbes magazine – March 2008
  • * Ranked 39th Best Place to Live and Launch a Business: CNN/Money – March 2008
  • * Top 10 Digital Cities; Center for Digital Government, September 2007: –
  • * One of 30 Fast Cities, due to innovation and creativity of workforce:Fast Company magazine – July 2007
  • * 9th Best Place to Invest in Real Estate: Business 2.0 – May 2007
  • * Top 10 College Towns for Grown-Ups: Kiplinger’s magazine – March 2007
  • * Named a Preserve America Community: First Lady Laura Bush – 2007
  • * One of America’s Most Walkable Small Cities: – 2007
  • * One of the Best Places for Business and Careers: Forbes magazine – 2007
  • * Fort Collins listed among the Top 10 College Towns for Grown-Ups:Kiplinger magazine – March 2007
  • * Fort Collins Ranked 4th among College Towns With Great Golf : Business Week Online (Golf Digest) – November 2006
  • * Fort Collins came in 9th on “Where to Buy Now”: Business 2.0 magazine – November 2006
  • * #1 Best Place to Live in the Nation: Money Magazine – August 2006
  • * Listed as 23rd among 63 Hot Mid-Sized Cities for Entrepreneurs:Entrepreneur magazine – August 2006
  • * Seated as the 6th Best Places for Business and Career: Forbes magazine – May 2006
  • * Ranked 2nd (moved up from 9th place in 2005) for having the Safest Drivers:Allstate Insurance – May 2006
  • * Fort Collins is one of the 50 Best Places to Live (ranked 34th):Kiplinger’s magazine – June 2006
  • * Rated as the 6th most Affordable Communities/Best Places to Raise YourFamily: Frommer’s – May 2006
  • * Fort Collins received the Preserve America Grant: – March 2006
  • * Fort Collins is one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People:America’s Promise – September 2005
  • * City of Fort Collins earns “Bicycle Friendly Community” national award:League of American Bicyclists – 2005
  • * “American Dream Town.” Fort Collins rated as one of the Best Towns in theU.S.: Outside Magazine – August 2005)
  • * Fort Collins drivers are the ninth best in the nation: Allstate Insurance Company’s (“America’s Best Drivers Report.”)
  • * Fort Collins & Larimer County Named Top Nature-Friendly Communities: -June, 2005
  • * Selected as 4th best place to live in the United States: Men’s Journal – April 2005
  • * Officially designated as a “Take Pride In America Community”: – March 2005
  • * City of Fort Collins selected as “Top Retirement Spot“: Where to Retire magazine – March/April 2005
  • * Fort Collins was designated a Preserve America Community for its committment tohistoric preservation and celebration of our priceless cultural and naturalheritage. : First Lady Laura Bush – 2004
  • * City of Fort Collins Web Site: #1 in the Nation!: – September, 2004
  • * “Top 5 Places to Retire”: – July, 2003
  • * Fort Collins ranks No. 29 on the list of best places for business andcareers in America’s small cities.: Forbes Magazine
  • * Fort Collins ranks #4 of the 50 best places to live in the United states(The criteria included the familiarity of a small town but with attractiveamenities, good weather, location, all around livable and inviting.): Men’sJournal – May 2003
  • * Loveland/Fort Collins is the #1 Best Place to Reinvent Your Life: AARP Magazine – May & June 2003 edition)